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  1. Europa Nostra Awards - European Union awards Silent Night Society from Salzburg
    The Europa Nostra Awards represent the European Union's highest honor in the field of cultural heritage. On 22 June 2018, the award ceremony took place in Berlin. The Silent Night Society from Salzburg was pleased to receive a "Special Mention" award for the research, creation and distribution of the Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!”. Dr. Eva-Maria Stöckler, director of the Center for Applied Music Research, created the expert report and was therefore instrumental in the success of the project submission.
  2. Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project LIB(e)RO
    On 21.09.2018 the international final conference of the Erasmus+ Project LIB(e)RO is taking place in the NÖ Landesbibliothek (=Regional Library of Lower Austria) in St. Pölten. Professionals and lifelong learning actors from libraries, continuing education institutions and social work are very much welcome to share our presentation of the project results with them.
  3. Internationale Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project LIB(e)RO
    Internationale Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project LIB(e)RO, an e-learning platform to promote public libraries as intercultural learning environment for minor refugees and young adults
  4. ARGE Donauländer Scholarships
    The scholarship is awarded for study trips of max. 6 months within the Danube region that would include education, further education, or training in the fields of science, art, culture and cultural management. Our master’s programs Music Management & Music for Applied Media at Danube University Krems fall within the geographical and material scope of these scholarships.
  5. Scientific Services
    The importance of organic material which is used in medicine is rising constantly, both in all implants and in part in extracorporeal systems such as hemodialysis. The rapid development of new implants, respectively other solutions for tissue and organ replacement, has caused an increase in interest from the industry. Worldwide, there is a volume of 14 billion US dollars in the organic material sector, with a growth rate of 10-12%. Market leaders include, above all, Western Europe, the USA, and Japan.
  6. Experimental model for sepsis
    We are attempting to establish a system, which simulates the three dimensional situation of endothelial cells in vivo as closely as possible in order to specifically analyse and investigate the interactions of endothelial cells with blood cells, biodigestible tests and reactions to different medications.
  7. Microparticle Detection
    The goal of this project is to develop a detector for the MDS which is able to detect the crossing of adsorber particles from the filtrate circulation into the blood circulation.
  8. Development of Specific Adsorbents for Extracorporeal Blood Purification
    The goal of this project is to develop specific selective adsorber microparticles for the MDS to extract pathogenic substances from the blood. One of the most important advantages of MDS is its flexibility, which can be programmed for different diseases by choosing from a selection of adsorbers or choosing a combination of different adsorbers to be used at different times during the process.


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