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  1. Miguel Kertsman holds seminar at International Baroque Music Masterclasses
    From 22 through to 28 July 2018, international baroque days took place at the Kartause Gaming in Lower Austria. Thanks to a cooperation with the Center for Applied Music Research, composer and program director Miguel Kertsman (master program "Music Management") was invited for the first time to hold seminars and lectures for participants of master classes in Gaming.
  2. Workshop in cooperation with MICA adressing “Blockchain applications to music & smart contracts”
    In cooperation with the Center for Applied Music Research MICA - music informatio center Austria offers a workshop with Steven Masur on September 19th, 2018 at Stiftgasse 29, 1070 Vienna.
  3. Leading sound branding expert John Groves is back in Krems
    Leading sound branding expert John Groves, Groves Media Hamburg, holds lecture about "Sound Branding Business - Theory and Psychology" for students of our master program Music Management on September 13th, 2018. He will discuss the fascinating world of sound branding, sonic marketing and business opportunities for music managers in the field with our students.
  4. Film screening of “merk|würdig” on September 9th at Ars Electronica Festival with music by students of Danube University
    The film "merk|würdig” will be performed on September 9th in Central Linz at 12 noon, 1pm and 3pm. Admission is free. Students of master program "Music for Applied Media" at Danube University Krems composed film music under the guidance of course director Miguel Kertsman.
  5. Hot Topic – Steven Masur talks about “Blockchain applications to music & smart contracts”
    You've got the chance to attend a course on "Blockchain applications to music and smart contracts" on 17 September from 9.30 am to 5.30 Krems free of charge, held by the international top lawyer Steven Masur. The course is held within the master program "Music Management". Registration is requested.
  6. Peter Parycek appointed to German Digital Council
    Peter Parycek, Professor of e-governance at Danube University Krems, was appointed to the Digital Council of the German Federal Government, as announced on 22 August at the national press conference. As part of this 10-member advisory body, Parycek, a specialist in internet law, will directly advise the German chancellor on matters relating to digitalisation.
  7. Taking Responsibility for Europe
    “Modernizing Europe: Generating Accountability" was the topic of the Danube Rectors Conference (DRC for short) 15th Summer School, which took place in July at Danube University Krems and in Vienna – at the start of the Austrian EU Council Presidency. In the spotlight: every individual’s responsibility for Europe’s renewal.
  8. Michael Brainin opened the 21rst Ibero-American Congress of Stroke in Brazil
    This year, the 21rst Ibero-American Congress was held for the first time in southern Brazil, in Gramado from 2 to 4 August 2018. In the course of the event a declaration was adopted aiming to ensure and optimize the treatment of strokes in Central and South America.


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